Olive Wood Oasis
Made by Palestinian Artisans

Add a Touch of Palestine to Your Daily Life!

Palestinian traditional olive wood prayer beads with 33, 99, 999, or custom made beads handmade in Palestine

Empowering Palestinian Farmers and Artisans: Preserving Olive Wood Craftsmanship

Since 2021, we've been dedicated to helping local Palestinian farmers and artisans who harvest olives and create beautiful olive wood crafts. Our goal is to preserve traditions and provide stable incomes for families who rely on the land. Together with our partner "To Be There," founded in 2013, we also focus on planting new olive trees across Palestine.

The Olive Tree: Symbol of Strength and Peace

The olive tree is deeply meaningful in Palestinian culture, symbolizing strength, spiritual light, and a strong connection to the land. From olives and olive oil to the craftsmanship of olive wood, every part of this special tree is essential to Palestinian heritage. Our handcrafted olive wood pieces, made from ancient trees, are known for their durability, natural resistance to germs, and beautiful grain—a true reflection of Palestinian craftsmanship.

Discover Palestinian Culture Through Olive Wood Crafts

Our collection includes prayer beads that blend sacred meaning with traditional Palestinian culture, like the lively dance of dabke. Each bead tells a story of tradition and careful craftsmanship.

Our Commitment to Fair Trade and Sustainability

We believe in fair trade, which means our products support the livelihoods of Palestinian communities in a sustainable way. By selling directly from Palestine, we help local economies and offer authentic products ready for resale. Join us in creating a sustainable cycle of support and empowerment. In this light olive trees are not cut for their wood, instead off-cuts from the annual trimming are used for our beads.

Join Us in Spreading Stories of Resilience

We invite you to join us in amplifying these stories of resilience and craftsmanship. For inquiries or to partner with us, please contact baha@olivewoodoasis.com

Handmade Olive Wood Prayer Beads (known as "Tasbih", "Misbaha", "Tesbih", "Tasbeeh"

The crafting process

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