Olive Wood Oasis 

Olive Wood Oasis
Made by Palestinian Artisans

Do you want a piece of Palestine in your hand?

In 2022 we launched a new initiative to support Palestinian artisans, who produce handmade olive wood prayer beads. 

When you purchase these prayer beads you support local Palestinian farmers and families who harvest the trees and take care of the land, as well as the artisans and workshops who produce them. With this initiative we support the planting of new olive trees in Palestine.

The Olive Tree

The olive tree is deeply rooted in Palestinian culture and symbolizes Palestinian resilience and belonging to their land. The light of the olive oil lamp is a symbol of God who is the light of the world; the olive tree is considered the blessed tree and its branches are a symbol of peace. Throughout generations, Palestinians have used almost every aspect of that tree: from olives to olive oil, to the invention of olive oil soap, and to olive wood handicraft. Not a drop or branch of the tree is wasted, and so many Palestinian families live off its blessings.

Palestinian Olive Wood Handicraft

Handcrafted olive wood pieces are of rich Palestinian heritage and are made from local olive trees that are hundreds of years old. Olive trees are not cut for their wood, instead off-cuts from the annual pruning and trimming are used to produce the handicrafts. The olive wood is known for its distinctive quality, durability and is naturally antimicrobial. It is particularly resistant to scratches and heat. This distinctive and strong wood is characterized by its beautiful grain and natural shape. Each olive wood piece is therefore unique and has its own print.

The prayer beads combine the religious sacredness of the olive tree and a celebratory dimension of the Palestinian culture in the form of traditional folk dance (dabke). During the dance, the lead dancer will always twirl a string of prayer beads in one hand. In addition, prayer beads are often used for meditation and for stress release. 

Our Mission

We believe in fair trade which is based on the simple idea that the products bought and sold are connected to the livelihoods of others. We are committed to responsible, sustainable, fair, and community-based production and trade.

We sell wholesale directly from Palestine. Our prayer beads are individually packed and ready for re-sale. We are looking for dedicated and involved partners to help us spread this product. Thus, we hope to create a complete circle of sustainable solidarity rather than charity. We would like to embody a fair value chain from the grove, through the grain to production, consumption and the planting of new trees.  

Every prayer bead has its own story to tell, kindly help us spread those stories. In case you have any question or comment please contact us at: baha@olivewoodoasis.com


Handmade Olive Wood Prayer Beads (known as "Tasbih", "Misbaha", "Tesbih", "Tasbeeh"

The crafting process

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